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Athoscailt na scoile 20/21-Eolas Bliain 1

Athoscailt na scoile 20/21- Eolas anseo le haghaidh scoláirí agus tuistí Bliain 1(Information for students and parents of Bliain 1)
Athoscailt na scoile 20/21-Eolas Bliain 1

A chairde, tá súil agam go raibh Samhradh slán agus taitneamhach ag gach éinne. Ag an tráth seo don bhliain táimid ar fad ag súil go mór le bheith ar ais ar scoil. Tá an tuafás pleanáil déanta chun an athoscailt seo a bhaint amach.

We have all had a very lengthy absence from normal school environment at this stage and are looking forward to returning to school in two weeks’ time. Our first year students have experienced a particularly strange end to their primary school days, and I’m sure they are wondering what lies ahead for secondary school. Please reassure them that the team in GCM are very eager to welcome our new students into the school and to make the transition as easy as possible in the coming weeks and months. The school building and general environment certainly looks different with the various changes we have put in place to allow for the reopening of the school, but we are very intent on preserving our core values of working together and supporting each other through the challenges we face.

Important details and arrangements for ionduchtú(induction).

28/8 –9.30-10.00 While we will be unable to host this meeting indoors as we normally would, instead of simply cancelling it we have decided to organise an outdoor meeting with social distancing in the car park and basketball court area in front of the school. We ask parents to park outside the main school gates and Fiona (Runaí scoile) will be at the gate directing parents and their son/daughter to sit together in a designated area we will have assigned to you. Normally with a meeting like this we always welcome other siblings or grandparents to attend the meeting with the student, however on this occasion for obvious reasons we must limit the attendance at this meeting to the student and a maximum of two parents/guardians. We apologise if this is an inconvenience. The information meeting will only last 30 minutes.

Ionduchtú Bliain 1- 10.00-12.00- Parents can then leave their son/daughter with us for their own induction which will last for two hours.

Students are asked to bring their ipad, a copybook and a few pens for this induction day. They can bring a snack for lunch or/and bottle of water if they wish or need to.

We will be going through an induction booklet with the students on the day as a part of the induction. I am linking the booklet here if you want to look at it with your son/daughter in advance of the day:

Ag tosú sa Ghaelcholáiste

Please note that Bliain 1 will not be back in school after Friday the 28/8 until Wednesday September 2nd when classes for all students will begin.

An athoscailt/The reopening:

Intense planning and organising has taken place in recent weeks and months. Some important details of this planning are listed below and your son/daughter will receive a detailed induction on all of these aspects of the school day also.

Area’s of focus:

Some of the areas of focus in recent weeks have been:

  • The orientation of the classrooms to maximise social distancing
  • The introduction of a one way system which will operate throughout the school building
  • The reconfiguring of the canteen area
  • The installation of hand sanitising units
  • Appropriate signage
  • The purchase of more outdoor furniture
  • Arrangements for break and lunch times
  • Enhanced cleaning arrangements

Face coverings:

As per the government’s updated guidance last Friday 7/8, Staff and students are to wear a face covering in secondary schools where 2 metre social distancing cannot be achieved. This effectively means that face coverings will be needed in most classrooms and at all times in corridors etc. As a result of this directive we are asking each student to come to school with a face covering. The type of face covering to be worn has not been clarified or limited to a certain specification but we ask students to wear a plain or appropriate face covering whether that be a covering or a shield of their choice when coming to school.

Arrangements for ‘ar maidin/ am sosa/am lóin’:

When the students come to school in the morning they will be able to go to their locker on arrival. They can then go to their base classroom or opt to go outside until the bell goes for the first classes. We will not be basing students in one room for their classes but this room will be their base for morning before class, break time and lunchtime.

We have invested in a lot more outdoor furniture and will be encouraging students to eat their lunch outdoors as much as possible. Spending time outdoors will be more valuable than ever to give us all a break from wearing face coverings etc. Students will also have the option of eating lunch in a designated classroom with their own class.

Items to bring to school:

We would also ask students to bring a packet of antibacterial wipes with them to school to clean down the surfaces they will be working at during the day. There will be a lot of hand sanitiser in school but students are welcome to bring their own bottle if they wish.

Taisceadáin (Lockers):

Students will be provided with a locker but this year we are not going to use the combination locks. Students will have the option of bringing their own lock or alternatively using the locker without a lock. Clear instructions will be given to students about the times that they will be allowed access to the locker area. Locker area’s will not be suitable for congregation in the morning or at break times and again the base class room or outside will be the options for students to meet when they are not in class.

Guidance on managing symptoms and minimising the risk:

The following general guidelines were provided in the lengthy reopening of schools document regarding minimising the spread of covid 19. It is important to study the following information carefully.

How to Minimise the Risk of Introduction of COVID-19 into Schools:

  • Advise staff and pupils that have symptoms not to attend school, to phone their doctor and to follow HSE guidance on self-isolation;
  • Advise staff and pupils not to attend school if they have been identified by the HSE as a contact for person with COVID-19 and to follow the HSE advice on restriction of movement;
  • Advise staff and pupils that develop symptoms at school to bring this to the attention of the Principal promptly.

Everyone entering the school building needs to perform hand hygiene with a hand sanitiser;

  • Visitors to the school during the day should be by prior arrangement and should be received at a specific contact point;
  • Physical distancing (of 2m) should be maintained between staff and visitors where possible.

Know the Symptoms of COVID-19

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is important to know and recognise the symptoms. They are:

High temperature


Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties

Loss of smell, of taste or distortion of taste

Ag caomhnú ár spiorad scoile- (The right balance):

The constant presence of Covid 19 in all our lives for the past 6 months has been a new challenge we have had to come to terms with. While the school environment will be different for a time we hope the various measures we are putting in place will not overly impact on the atmosphere in the school. Gaelcholáiste na Mara has always been a friendly school with an open and happy atmosphere. We are very eager to preserve this environment as much as we possibly can despite the protocol’s that will be in place. Schools are social and vibrant places and we do not want students coming into school every morning with anxiety or fear. We will take all the necessary precautions but we must also endeavour to maintain our personalities and good humour and rise above the challenges that lie ahead. – ‘Ar scáth a chéile a mhairimid’

Le gach deá-ghuí,

Tony Ó Murchú


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